November 10 Update Graphic

November 10, 2021

Good Afternoon Warren Students, Families, and Staff,

We have a few important announcements for the week of November 10th.

On Monday of this week, we completed the 60th day of our school year, leaving ⅔ of the year remaining. In the first 60 days of this year, we have experienced the highs and lows of returning to school in the middle of a pandemic and dealing with other unpredictable circumstances. As a result, I recognize that this year has been different.

One of our strategic plan focus areas is investing in the whole child. We know as parents and educators that academics are important, but there is so much more to develop in our students than this, especially with what they are experiencing today. All of our K-12 Warren schools are staffed with school counselors, and this year we added 4 additional school counselors at the high school level to decrease the number of students per counselor. Linked here is a list of our school counselors district-wide. I encourage you to reach out to your child’s school counselor if you have any needs for your child. 

A second focus area of our strategic plan is investing in relationships with our families and community. We know that our students will thrive when our families feel valued and heard and we develop a partnership in working together to meet the needs of our students. This year, each of our Warren schools hired a Family Engagement Liaison. These amazing individuals are there to connect families to the school, provide resources, increase two-way communication, and help empower our families to best meet the needs of their children. Linked here is a list of our family engagement liaisons by the school. I encourage you to get to know your school’s liaison. 

Warren parents and caregivers, as we head into the colder weather months and holidays, we recognize that your needs may change. If you have increased needs, you can call our outreach hotline at 317-608-0545 or email at with your request. Someone from our Moorhead Community Resource Center will be happy to assist. 

I look forward to the remaining ⅔ of our school year and I am appreciative of the investment you make in our Warren students and schools. I hope you have a great rest of your week.  

Dr. Tim Hanson, Superintendent of Schools for MSD Warren Township

Note: The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority.  In the event that information needs to be shared with a Warren staff member regarding someone’s safety, students, parents, and caregivers can either contact their child’s school during school hours or can call our District Safety Tip Line at 317-532-3049 or complete our District Safety Tip Form which is linked to this email and on our District website by clicking on the Prevent Bullying tab under Student Resources.