MSD Warren Township Virtual Instruction

General School Information (K-12)

  • Elementary School: 8:05 AM- 3:05 PM  
  • Intermediate and Middle School: 8:55 AM- 3:55 PM
  • Warren Central High School: 7:15 AM - 2:20 PM

MSD Warren Township is offering the following options for instruction for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Traditional IN-PERSON instruction (Grades K-5)
  • Alternating Day IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL instruction (Grades 6-12) 
  • Fully VIRTUAL option (Grades K-12)

By providing these options for our students, MSD Warren Township continues to carry out our mission to connect tradition with innovation, in a safe and caring environment, that provides exceptional learning experiences and fosters meaningful relationships for ALL Warren students, families and employees.

Grades K-8 families have been asked to make a 9-week commitment and Grades 9-12 an 18-week commitment to remain in the fully VIRTUAL option. Students and families will have the opportunity to make transitions at the end of their commitment to the model that best meets their educational needs.

Student Access to Instruction:


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that will help your child communicate with their teachers, interact with their schoolwork, manage their assignments, submit homework, and keep track of due dates. Canvas is also perfect for providing you, the parents / caregivers, a window into your child’s learning like never before. With Canvas, you will be able to see the details behind your student’s online assignments. This added information will help you guide your child and improve the quality of your communication surrounding school work.

Canvas Support for Parents / Caregivers: Canvas Parent Information Course

Canvas is currently being used for all fully VIRTUAL students (Grades K-12), as well as for Alternating Day IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL students (Grades 6-12). When logging in, students should log in through the Google Single Sign On (SSO) system. This can be located in their Google apps through their Google browser or through their Canvas Student app on the iPad.


Daily attendance in school is one of the most important predictors of a student’s success. Your student is to be at school, either physically present or virtually present based on your selected learning option and schedule, every day unless they have a legal excuse for not attending. The MSD of Warren Township’s School Board policy contains a complete list of legal excuses, which include illness, medical appointments, death in the family and participation in certain non-school activities. Failure on the part of the parent/caregiver(s) to report an absence will result in the absence being classified as unexcused.

Attendance shall mean to be physically present, either in a school or at another location where the school’s educational program is being conducted, during regular school hours, on a day the educational program in which the student is enrolled is being offered (including a mandatory video conference, phone conference, or other virtual environment).

ALTERNATING DAY IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION (Grades 6-12): Teachers will process attendance in the Synergy Student Information System each day. Attendance will be a combination of being physically present in classes and participation in VIRTUAL class activities, such as VIRTUAL instruction on Zoom at a scheduled time, at home during Black/Gold schedule for grades 6-12. 

  • Teachers will provide opportunities for students to respond to class activities as well as daily lessons to confirm daily attendance within Canvas.
  • If a student is ill or not able to participate in that day’s activities, the absence must be reported to the home school office.

VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION (Grades K-12): Teachers will process attendance in the Synergy Student Information System each day. Attendance is a combination of daily participation in classes during synchronous learning and participation on application days on Black and Gold Days.

  • Teachers will provide opportunities for students to respond to morning work/bell work/exit ticket activities as well as daily lessons to confirm daily attendance within Canvas.
  • If a student is ill or not able to participate in that day’s activities, the absence must be reported to the home school office.

Whole Child Supports/Social Emotional Learning (K-12)

  • Second Step SEL social emotional curriculum promotes the social-emotional learning (SEL) development, safety, and well-being of children from Early Learning through Grade 8. SEL instructional time will be identified daily for students to participate in theme and developmentally appropriate lessons. Home Links will be provided to families/caregivers for practice and conversation starters for home. Home Links will be shared through school-wide newsletters (K-8).
  • School Counselors, grades K-8, will be available to support and serve VIRTUAL students. Their services will be available for individuals as well as groups. Our counselors will also continue to support our students and families with building relationships and instruction with CORE. School counselors will also continue to support those students who are already receiving Gallahue services or are interested in services.
  • Cohort Models are in place at our intermediate and middle school campuses and Warren Central High School. In this model, when a student enters 5th or 9th grade, they are assigned a team of people who will follow them for the entirety of their time in that building. Each student in 5th-8th grade will have their own grade-level administrator and counselor and 9th-12th graders have their own grade-level administrator, counselor and academic coach. Cohorts communicate information to their grade levels about information that pertains to their grade level through Canvas.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction

Families who have opted to begin the school year virtually, will follow the VIRTUAL instructional schedule for their student’s grade level. Designed to meet the needs of students at their developmental level, each schedule contains a breakdown for how the day will be organized and teachers will support this by providing daily/weekly calendars for families to view.

VIRTUAL instruction will be delivered using synchronous and and asynchronous methods. Canvas will be used to deliver instruction to our K-12 VIRTUAL instruction students.

Technology Help Desk

If you need to pick up your school assigned device or need assistance with the device you have, please visit the Tech Help Desk located at Moorhead Community Resource Center Monday - Friday from 11AM-1PM.  


Kindergarten and Grade 1 VIRTUAL Instruction (Am/PM)

Kindergarten and 1st grade students in the VIRTUAL model will receive direct instruction from their teacher for half of the day. The other half of the day will be designated for teacher assigned application and practice of new skill activities. We are calling this the AM / PM model. The kindergarten and 1st grade AM / PM model will allow teachers to maximize the direct instruction time that they have with their students while attending to their student's unique developmental needs and attention spans. This will also ensure that our kindergartners and 1st graders are not on technology for long periods of time during the day as they will have practical, hands-on application and practice opportunities provided by their teacher to work on their reading, math, writing, and play skills. 


The 2nd - 12th grade fully VIRTUAL alternating day model allows for students to have a scheduled day for direct and small group virtual instruction with their teachers, and a day dedicated to applying what they have learned through targeted skills practice, demonstration of skills learned through applying new knowledge, and independent work time that students may allocate towards working on research projects and writing assignments, as an example. Students are able to email their teachers and participate in teacher-designed instructional activities daily. Fully VIRTUAL students (grades 2-12) will be assigned to a Black or Gold Day schedule, based on last name. 

Sample FULLY VIRTUAL Schedules for Each Grade Level

Kindergarten1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade
4th Grade5th & 6th Grade7th & 8th Grade9th -12th
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for VIRTUAL Learning

This document provides guidance and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the VIRTUAL instructional model. The VIRTUAL FAQ will be updated on as needed basis. 

August 12, 2020 VIRTUAL FAQ